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Over 14 Years Pet Care Experience

Kate Holt - Owner/Operator


Kate grew up in Port Moody, BC where there was no denying her passion for animals. During high school, she did the odd pet sitting job for friends and family and loved every second of it.  She dreamed of working in a veterinary clinic so after graduating high school in 2010 she started the VOA course at Douglas College. After successfully completing and graduating Kate thought she was finally starting her dream career. Sadly what they don't teach you in college is how to cope with all the death that surrounds you daily. Kate being very emotional couldn't stand seeing animals in pain and the death took a big toll on her.

That is when she decided to take her passion and education to start her own professional pet sitting business. At first, it was more of a hobby than a business. My heart grew along with my clientele and experience.


About Us

Reminems Pet Sitting is a one women run veterinary assistant certified pet care company. Kate started Reminems back in Vancouver over 10 years ago and relocated to Kamloops in May 2018.


On September 1, 2019, we became a full-time company. Kate made the very hard yet easy choice to leave the corporate world behind and take the pet care industry by storm.



Reminems Pet Sitting