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Area of Service


Things to Know



  • Walks and drops in are booked between 8 am and 7 pm. If requested outside of these hours fees may apply.

  • Our pet, terms portfolio and conditions MUST be signed before any service takes place. additional

  • Please be honest with all and any aggression issues. Any false information given could result in injury to me, your pet and/or others which will be leaving the owner 100% liable and refusal of service from us.

  • It is the client responsibly to ensure they supply the correct dates for service and advises Reminems Pet Sitting of any changes. Should client update and/or change dates rather it be last minute or in advance we holds no responsibly should they no longer be available and hold the right to cancel. Reminems Pet Sitting will not cancel other client due to your changes/errors.




  • Invoices will be sent on last day of service and are due within 24 hours of completion

  • Payment accepted by cash, cheque or EMT either upfront or after services are provided within 24 hours

  • of service completion.

  • There will be a charge of $50 for NSF cheques

  • All overdue bills are subject to a 5% per day interest charge

  • 50% of deposits required for any services adding to more than $100 at a time

  • Regular walks and drop-ins can rather be paid daily or weekly with agreed upon payment arrangement. Should client break arrangement they will be put on per service bases.


Cancellation Policy


Should a cancellation or change to the plans happens please note some or all of the rate may apply.  This applies to leaving a day later and coming home early.


Should your pet become uncontrollably aggressive; causing injury to myself or others and result in us refusing service client will be charged for all booked dates.


Depending on the amount of notice given to Reminems Pet Sitting a portion of the services booked may be due. 3 weeks: 0%, 2 weeks: 20%, 1 week: 50%, 4-1 Days: 70%, Same Day: 100%


Service Area:


Kamloops, BC

15 km radius around the town

$15 per 10 km outside of our service area

Reminems Pet Sitting