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Walking is so much more than exercise. Regular walks help with mental stimulation and socialization with the public. We will walk dogs, cats, bunnies or any pet that is comfortable on a leash.


  • All mess cleaned up with supplied bags

  • Text/Email updates

  • Fresh Water

  • Feeding if required

  • Up to two dogs per household

  • Walks are done around the home, extra fees apply for travel to a local park

  • Form must be signed for off leash dogs


15 mins:  $15.00 | 30 min: $20.00 | 45 mins: $25.00 | 60 min: $30.00


Need longer than 1 hour? Do your dogs need to walk at separate times? Send us a message and we will be happy to discuss a rate.



This care is best suited for when you are away and your pets who are use to having someone around may need more one on one care. Great for pets with separation anxiety, medical issues or aggressive triggers that may not be accepted or happy in a kennel.


  • Fresh water and Feeding

  • Brushing

  • Walking

  • Play Time

  • Yard Clean

  • Text/Email Updates

  • House Sitting

    • Water plants

    • Bring in mail

    • Light housekeeping


Daily Rate starting $65.00 per day


**Pets will be left alone for 6-7 hours during the day. If the pet requires more one on one additional fees will apply

Home Visits:


Great for older and younger dogs who may need more bathroom breaks during the day while you're at work Or kitty care well your away.


  • Let out for bathroom break

  • All mess cleaned up

  • Litter Cleaning

  • Fresh water

  • Feeding

  • Playtime

  • Home care

    • Mail brings in

    • Water Plants

    • Perimeter Check

  • Text/Email Updates


Per visit: $25.00

Twice a day visit: $40.00


Each visit is maximum 60 minutes - $10 per hour after 60 minutes if during the same stay 


Medication Administration


Veterinary assistant certified medication admission. By vet described medication only.  I am not legally able to offer you medical advice, only help with already prescribed medication. Medication administration is best done when the client is home should we need help with restraint and/or side effects of medication happens but are able to do it alone if needed.


  • Medication Administration

  • Let out for bathroom break

  • Feeding

  • Fresh Water

  • Text/Email Updates

Per Visit: $25

If added to another service:

  • Mixed into food or ointment: $4

  • By mouth: $6

  • Injections, Blood Testing and/or and subcutaneous fluids: $10


Special Request


Does your pet need a little bit of extra care? We are more than happy to help. Request that isn't on the list please send us a message and we are happy to discuss it.


  • Dogs need to be walked separately during overnights - $10

  • Teeth Brushing - $3

  • Bath (Dogs only) - $10

  • We DO NOT do nails

  • Arriving home after 7 pm and requesting us at the home may result in an extra fee, please ask.


Prices are based on a per-service basis

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